Book a Photo Booth Services for Your Next Party

When you are organizing your next party, photo booth is always a key factor that must be taken into account. Not only does it add fun and enjoyment throughout the entire event, but it will also leave your visitors with lots of memories to remember and to share.

These photo booth rentals have a variety of services that you can choose from. Whether it is a corporate event or a wedding celebration, event coordinators need not to worry as they only need to pick and choose services that fit them best. For your next party, here are the types of photo booth that you can consider.

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Open Air Photo Booth

For big group packages, open air photo booth is recommended for you. Tons of people can gather and fit in to have shots taken making it really fun! Not to mention, photo booth rentals will also provide backdrops that you can choose from to spice up the beauty and artistic design of your photo. For a cleaner and simpler background, you can opt for a ultra white background.

To make the booth more entertaining and enjoyable, party hats, props and other creative arts material will also be provided. No doubt your group will home with smiles and laughter on their faces. It’s quality photo with quality people on it!

Green Screen Photo Booth

Another option for parties is the green screen photo booth. It is innovative, new and awesome! For some, green screen is familiar especially in the filmmaking industry. Lo and behold, the green screen technology can also be used for parties and events.

The green screen technology allows you to choose different backgrounds that you wish and desire. Whether it be distinguished landmarks or famous scenes in a movie, the green screen technology can make it happen for you. If you want to have a photo with the Eiffel Tower or the Big Apple as your background, it can be made possible with the green screen photo booth. This will make your crowd go wild on your next party!

GIF Photo Booth

Last but not least on our list is the GIF photo booth. With the emergence of smartphones and the usage of social media, there is really no need to acquire a bulky and expensive camera to take good quality shots for your event. Just snap a photo with your phone, and viola, you now have a good photo on your hand.

But what’s GIF Photo Booth? With your smartphones, you can take as many shots as you want, a group photo or a selfie, with filters or without and hashtag it away for Instagram. The hashtags will be chosen by the organizers of the event. If hashtags are placed on the photo, they will be shown on screen with everyone to see. This will attract and entice your crowd to take as much photos as they want for your event.

open air photo booth

Booking Options

With all the options that you have for your next party photo booth, how will you know the cost of these?
1. Call – Each photo booth rental company have different services, packages and prices. Search them up in Google and find out what they can offer you. Ask for a quote and compare prices.
2. Try – Once you’ve made up your mind, try renting one for your next event. A party photo booth section is worth a try. If you are left satisfied, hire them again and recommend the company to others.

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