Photo Party Booth Rentals and Services

Photo party booth rentals are a thing in the 21st century. As the crowd or the organizer of a particular event, no longer do you need to worry about bringing your bulky camera and assigning an unprofessional photographer to take pictures for you. You just need to dial that phone and schedule your event with a photo party booth rental company and they will handle the services that you want.

After all, it is the pictures that relive the memory of each celebration. As organizers, you want your audience and visitors to have a tangible memory of their experience during the event. Inside Out Photo Booth in New Jersey and New York offers a wide list of services that you can utilize for your event. Here are a few of them.

schedule your event with a photo party booth rental company


Open Air Photo Booth

Open Air photo booth is recommended for large groups. It is an open layout with different backgrounds you can choose from. Inside Out Photo Booth offers a unique ultra white background and patterned backdrop that you think will suit your event.
There are party props that your visitors can grab while taking pictures. Definitely, your photo booth will be fun, exciting, and amazing. People will line-up to get their own photo with family, friends, and colleagues. For sure, the photos that they will take are souvenirs that can never be traded.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Another innovative and fun service that Inside Out Photo Booth offers is their trendy green screen photo booth. It is a state-of-the-art green screen technology that your visitors will enjoy. All they need to do is to line up, snap a pic and Inside Out Photo Booth will choose any kind of background that you prefer.
Different options such as your desired dream place to be in or a popular scene in a movie, Inside Out Photo Booth offers them. Whether it be the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, the crowded New York’s Time Square or a scene you never forget in Harry Potter, Inside Out Photo Booth has prepared them for you. Your visitors will surely have one epic time taking pictures with the green screen technology.

GIF Photo Booth

With the advancement of technology and the influx of usage of social media, taking pictures and sharing memories has never been made easier than this day and age. No need to bring your own heavy camera. Just carry your smartphone with you, take pictures, edit using filters and use the hashtags that you choose for your event.
As you take pictures and post them on Instagram with your preferred hashtag, they will be seen directly on your screen as your event is going on. This service is fun as it will encourage the crowd to take more photos during the event. Not only will it be enjoyable but also trending during that day.

No need to bring your own heavy camera


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As organizers of the event, renting a photo party booth will unload a lot of burden from you. No need to stress about this. All you have to do is to search for a local party booth rental in your city and state and they will take care of business during your event. If you are in New Jersey or New York area, Inside Out Photo booth is there for you. How do you book them? Here’s how.
• Website – Check out Inside Out Photo Booth in their website and get a free quote from them. You can find in there the services and types of party booth rentals that they offer.
• Social Media – Take a look at their gallery in their social media platforms. Whether it be in facebook or Instagram, see for yourself the professional and quality of service that they offer.
• Call – Get their contact number and give them a call. Book them for your next big event and experience the fun and happiness that they give as acquire them as your partnered photo party booth rental.

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