Hey there,

Thanks for looking at us for your upcoming party or event. We’re InsideOutBooth (meet us here) and we focus solely on creating the best Photo Booth experience in the Tri-State Area (NJ , NYC, CT and surrounding metro area).

“The Modern Day Photo Booth…
forget the small, cramped and old-fashioned booths”

Our state-of-the-art photo booths have everything you need to make your party or event one to remember. We use an open air style booth which allows huge group shots (up to 20 people!). There’s plenty of space for people to let loose and an LCD TV for everyone to see the action. You choose a gorgeous backdrop or use our completely unique “ultra white”. You choose one of our templates for your prints or we’ll design it with you – free of charge. You then snap unlimited pictures at your event, every single one is saved online for FREE and every template is printed out on-the-spot (it takes only 8 seconds). We prefer our big 4×6 prints but can do 2×6 strips too! Finally, besides simply having the highest quality studio equipment (24mp camera, best-in-class printer, strobes), we provide a whole entertainment experience. Our assistants are always willing to suggest a hilarious pose idea, last minute prop adjustment and keep everyone laughing. See our reviews for how much value we’ve added to parties or simply call us and chat with us. We’ll explain everything and we’ll customize anything to make your event amazing.

Open Layout

Our open layout calls for some large group shots (record is 18, can you beat it?). Good luck trying to squeeze that in one of those cramped old booths. Inside Out Booth allows people to have freedom in their pics. Don’t forget to jump around, laugh it up, and most importantly have fun!

Share Socially

Every pic is uploaded to your own online gallery, right away. Show it to the world or password protect it, either way it’s your choice. Log into your online gallery and post photos to your favorite social networks – Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. We also offer social media at the event (on-the-spot) as well, ask about our social media iPad app!

Highest Quality

Our professional photography equipment will leave you breathless. Each picture is taken with a 24 megapixel camera. Studio lighting makes everyone look their best too – take a look at some of our public galleries to see for yourself. You’ll notice when we’re there too – we project each shot instantly onto the LCD TV we bring. Everyone gets to see and be involved.

Snap Away

You can take UNLIMITED pics in our open photo booth. Be creative, be wild, and be downright silly. Every single image is saved online (instantly) for you and your guests. You can password protect these (how wild are you going to get?).

Prints on
the spot

We provide ultra high quality, glossy, 4×6 prints on the spot. These truly look incredible, and they print in 7 seconds! We’ll send some right to you if you don’t believe us, click here for photo booth print samples. You can design your own template with colors, fonts, and messaging of your choice. See some template options here. We also offer a variety of professional print options on our site, where your images will be hosted forever.