Our classy set-ups

We take great pride in having our photo booth set-ups look professional and inviting. Photo booths have changed greatly in recent years and many vendors still have an ‘outdated’ appearance and equipment. We are light years ahead of any booth in the NJ and NYC area. Compare us below…

We can customize our set-ups to match any venue and event

Us : Clean and classy
Them : May bring one of these!

Unmatched Quality

We use high-end DSLR cameras with our booths, and professional lighting. This leads to high resolution, crystal clear pics. Of course we than use an industry leading dye-sublimation printer to make sure the print outs look amazing (and they print in seconds). Many booths out there use laptop webcams and cheap, harsh lighting. Good lighting is SO important to get great pics. Don’t capture your parties memories with dark grainy prints!

Us :Outstanding print
quality, unique designs
Them : Grainy, tiny, dark

Us :

Photo Booth’s are our whole business, not a weekend hobby. We’ve done over 5000 total events! 700 in 2018 alone, and we grow every single year since we started in 2012. We give every single guest a print, or two, or three…we do unlimited prints! We bring tons of unique props – hilarious signs, hats, wigs, wild masks and all mustaches. Every booth we do saves every picture online, hosted forever. You’ll get 2 attendants that specialize in making everyone have a blast. All of this is always included in every booth package – we wouldn’t have it any other way

Them :

May be someone’s side project, and thus you may get half of their attention. Often an outdated unit from the last photo booth boom from 5 years ago, A LOT has changed! Low quality camera, poor or 0 lights, no online saving and sharing, limited prints for guests, tiny strips, no custom graphic design for the prints, and limited props (or sometimes they charge for props!). Don’t get stuck with a lifeless, outdated booth sitting dark in your parties corner.

Don’t get sold by a Groupon or DJ Add-on Booth that’s using a webcam or 5 megapixel camera to take your night’s pictures (your iphone is better than this – much better actually). Inside Out Booth uses professional Studio equipment – 24mp DSLR camera, studio strobes for important lighting which makes your look even more awesome and industry leading dye-sublimation printers. We also always do unlimited 4×6 prints — there’s nothing worse than having 7 guests take an epic pic and than the knock-off booth making them share “2” little strips. Compare our galleries to anyone galleries! Call or email us to chat also, we can answer every little question you may have and we can easily explain to you how we’re going to make your event even more amazing with our photo experiences.