Corporate Activation + Events

Inside Out Booth helps Companies, Brands and Agencies stand out with super engaging and FUN photo experiences. GIFs, Boomerangs, Hashtag printers, Green Screens, Slow Motion – you name it, we do it. Everything is specifically crafted for the brand and is an amazing way to interact with the consumer.  We’ll customize the BOOTH, the LCD screens, the animations, the prints and of course the SOCIAL MEDIA that will ensue.

High Tech Photo Activation + Ease of Use
= Awesome Experience

Selfies, Instagram pics and QUALITY photos aren’t going anywhere – in fact quite the opposite. People love to see themselves and our photo studio quality equipment delivers it instantly and in a ridiculously fun way. Give us specific guidelines and we’ll follow every detail or shoot us an idea or vision and we’ll run with it and create something to inspire you. Leave a lasting impression with your guests!


Display your brand as guests see the booth wrapped/designed in your colors, with your logo, matching your theme. The animations, the PROPS, and the final print out and digital asset are branded as well. It’s an immersive experience for the user.


The pics are too good NOT to share 🙂 People will send their creations out to their networks and the viral reach is all yours. Emails, tweets, facebooks, Snaps and texts go out each session and your message and company are effortlessly promoted.


We do this full time. We’ll handle every detail for you…from the idea, to the creation, to arranging fine details with the venue, to the execution on the day-of. Our entire team loves nothing more than to make the event a huge hit!

Branded Prints – Customer Backdrops – Step & Repeat Banners – Designed Booths – Unlimited Pics + Prints + Custom Props + Signage + Social Media Stations + Brand Ambassadors onsite – ASK ANYTHING and we’ll help – Our customer service is Award Winning