We have numerous styles and types of photo booths servicing the tri-state area, but they all share core elements and functions in common. They ALL use at LEAST a 24mp DSLR camera, allow you to choose a premium backdrop, allow you to customize the prints, have instant prints on the spot, have an online gallery of all images, tons of amazing quality and fun props, and on-site professional that helps and guides everyone and finally they all take amazing pictures and ensure everyone SMILES the whole time 🙂

People can walk right into the booth area, grab their props, see themselves on the touchscreen and start their session. The screen AND the attendant will walk them through getting ready, making sure they hit their pose and smile at the perfect moment. Their finished product appear on screen for review (and laughs) and instant prints come out – dry, waterproof, durable – for EVERYONE in the booth.

A digital copy goes online and if you purchased the scrapbook option – one goes in the hardcover book and guests sign a message.

We typically ask for 7ft x 7ft worth of space – total footprint. With more room we can spread out a bit and certainly won’t complain. With less room we can shrink and compress certain elements and still make it work. We’ve NEVER had a venue, bar, restaurant, park, home, boat etc where we couldn’t make it work. Over 3500 successful events – we’re extremely modular and flexible!

We ask to be near 1 regular 3-prong outlet (we draw very minimal power). We bring extension chords (25ft) but it’s always great to be near it.

If you have concerns or questions at all – call us. We’ll talk through it all with you, or have us call your venue and work it with them. We likely know them and have worked their before, if not we’ll gladly discuss it all.


Our prices vary depending on the location, the DATE, time and than the options you’d like. We don’t want to throw out a price until we explain to you the backdrop options, print packages, and anything custom you may interested in.

You may see a better price SOMEWHERE online, but ask them if they offer all the things we do. Look around our site, see our quality, and call us to talk. We’ll MATCH anyone who has the same specs and features as our booth – we stand by that.

We are also flexible so don’t hesitate to call us and ask about any promotions going on or special discounts we can work out for you.

Absolutely! We have full insurance, 2 million dollar policy, full coverage and workers compensation. Happy to forward it along to you or your venue at any time.


*please don’t trust any vendor whom isn’t insured or who doesn’t have workers comp. It’s really a bad sign of how they run their business, not to mention a risk to all parties involved. We do photo booths FULL TIME and this is not weekend hobby!

We bring a huge crate of props to every event. We have so many props, literally thousands, and we also swap out used ones, broken ones, dirty ones etc all the time it’s impossible to keep an inventory.

We clean our props after events as well and always discard any items that are past their prime.

What you CAN expect is an assortment of hats, crazy wigs, wild masks, boas, mustaches, wacky prop items (rubber chicken, thor hammer, hulk hands), stick props, sunglasses, big head cutouts, necklaces and lots of funny signs (“I’m just here for the cake” , “Who invited this guy” , “I’m huge on twitter” etc) and so many more.

We do add relevant items to each booth crate as well – weddings gets appropriate signs (team bride, team groom), sweet 16s, corporate events, holiday parties, mitzvahs etc all have specific relevant and suitable props along with the silly.

You can also order custom props through us – and we can match anything you have in mind. Masquerade theme? James Bond theme? Video game characters? Company logos? Just ASK!

We’ll evaluate each party individually – see the location, the traffic, the set-up logisitics to make full game plan but you can expect us to be on-site AT LEAST 45 minutes before start time. This will be in your contract as well.

Our whole set-up takes about 25 minutes, the remaining time is used for tweaking the camera and lighting settings and for general troubleshoot and safety (better early than not!)

Great question!

Photo booths are such a hot trend nowadays that the market is becoming flooded with people who want ‘in’ on it. While many of them likely have good intentions, the truth is their booths just aren’t high quality. Your DJ or Photographer see it as nice add-on (they buy the popular booth online) but don’t realize the quality is sub-par. These don’t have the latest software like us (we update the software WEEKLY), they don’t have the latest DSLR cameras and certainly don’t have the super fast dye sublimation printers like us (the #1 printer in the world for photo quality – used by cvs,walgreens etc). Our booths are custom designed and with that comes a unique knowledge of how they work. We design them (and update them) to best help guests have a blast. We’re also always open to customize anything for you.

Ask your DJ, Wedding Photographer or Groupon booth if they include props for free, online galleries of every image for free, 2 attendants at every event, print outs in 7 seconds, and FREE design on your prints. Chances are they don’t – in fact we know the 3 companies in the Northeast who do what we do, we’re all friendly. We’ll price match any booth who matches our emailed quote!

This is all we do, full time. Photo booths aren’t an “add-on” to our business, they ARE our business. Call us to chat and we’ll explain even more why we’re a premium booth service.

We do require a deposit to reserve a date and time. Most events require a $200 deposit. Our whole booking process is extremely simple – ask us to reserve, we’ll email you our 1 page contract you fill out all online, and than use ANY credit card to deposit and hold the date. You can use the same link to check your and pay your balance any time.

Fill out our “get a photo booth quote” page to get full details emailed to you right away. If you like that (or have already seen it) simple email us for a contract. We’ll send over our simple online 1 page contract to officially lock in your date and times.

Typically, most clients book a few (3-6) months in advance. Some clients have booked in as little as a few days, it all depends on availability. Please keep in mind that weekends during spring, summer, and fall are the busiest and fill up fast! We’d truly recommend reaching out to us to chat/email/text now (since the booth is on your mind) and we’ll let you know how busy your date looks.

Fill out our “photo booth questionnaire” page to get full details emailed to you right away.

Open Air Photo Booth Rental NJ and NYC