Picture Perfect With Photo Booth Rentals

Organizing events can be entertaining and exciting! On the flip side, it is also draining and stressful if you are the head organizer. You must pay attention to all details and be sure not to miss out on anything.

Event organizing is like the parts of the body. If one is missing, it seems to be dysfunctional. This includes thorough planning on logistics, program, administration, media and all other relevant departments.

Speaking of media, one of the essential aspects of an event is the picture time. Before, people used old-fashioned, large, and small photo booths.

Now, the modern day has embraced a new picture booth that’s ingenious, creative and convenient. What follows are some of the picture booths and services that are on the market.

Picture Perfect With Photo Booth Rentals

Open Air Photo Booth

An open-air photo booth is recommended for large group sizes. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come in and have one excellent fun shot in the open air photo booth (that’s of course if you all fit).

Tons of people can be included in one single shot with the open air photo booth.

Not to mention the creative backdrops you can choose from, from textured layouts to the simple white background; it all depends on your choice as an organizer.

This picture booth also has props and creative arts materials which people can use to make the photo more fun and enjoyable.

It is guaranteed people will line up in your picture booth area just to have their group photo taken.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Another ingenious and innovative idea for the modern day picture booth is the green screen technology. The green screen concept is not foreign to many especially for those in the filmmaking or the media industry.

Well, well, well. Green Screen photo booths are also available for your next organized event. Here’s how it works:

A green screen technology allows you to select the different backgrounds you wish to have.

From distinguished landmarks around the world or famous scenes in an epic movie, all this you can choose from with the green screen concept.

You can now snap a picture at the Eiffel Tower or the castle of Disneyland on your background. You now have a customized image in your favorite place. How’s that for a picture booth?

GIF Booth

The last creative concept for a picture booth is the GIF booth. This doesn’t require your bulky professional-looking, DSLR cameras.

All you need is your smartphone, mobile data, and Instagram. With the hashtag that’s chosen by the organizers to highlight the event, your photos will now be seen on screen when you post your pictures via Instagram.

Whether your photo is with a filter or none, a selfie or a group picture, your photos will be featured once it is uploaded. Just hashtag it away and voila! People will see the photos you have taken and shared.

This will encourage the audience to participate and take more pictures. This is really fun filler for an event as it will engage people to participate.

The Benefits of Hiring Picture Booths for Your Event

Perfect Picture

Those are just some of the services which several picture booths offer nowadays. They say that pictures are only perfect with you in it (too cheesy).

Photo booth rentals are a good option for you as you organize your next event. How can you book them?

Know: Ask people for any recommended photo booth rentals in your local city or state. If you are in New Jersey, InsideOut Photo Booth is the best company you can turn to.

They have the services mentioned above. Get to know what they do and experience their services yourself.

Website: Once you’ve received feedback from people, search them online and look at their website. See if they have the kind of services you are looking for which will be ideal for your event.

Social Media: Most people nowadays are connected due to social media. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, take a look at their work and see the quality of service they provide. Be on the lookout for client reviews.

This will come in handy before you hire them.

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