Where To Rent A Photo Booth In Elizabeth, NJ

When you are reminiscing over past events and parties, talking about the event and sharing memories can be fun, but nothing is more fun and exciting than being able to show a picture or two to point out who was there and how fun you had. Photos can keep memories alive for generations to come, and most party planners keep that in mind when making an event.

However, hiring a professional photographer can cost an exuberant amount of money, and sometimes candid photos can seem stiff, and posing for a professional photographer can take a lot of time out of your event. Not to mention distributing the pictures can take a long time and cost a lot of money.

This is where Inside Out Photo Booth comes in! We set up our open air photo booth at your event or party, anywhere in the city. Have the best New Jersey party with our photo booth rentals helping you and your guests capture every moment of fun.

Where to Find and Rent Photo Booth in Elizabeth NJ

Why Choose Our Photo Booth?

When you usually think of a photo booth, you generally think of a small, old booth with limited options that prints a 2×6 set of photos that you took in quick snapshot form. The options for frames is extremely limited, and the photo usually takes three minutes to print out, which can be inconvenient for large numbers of people wanting pictures.

And to top it all off, you can only usually have maybe three people tops in the booth, making group photos physically impossible in these booths.

That’s where we come in, bringing the best of photo booth rentals to New York, NYC, and New Jersey. We offer an open air photo booth, meaning up to twenty people can fit in a single shot! On top of that, we offer fun and even custom borders and designs that can take your picture from fun to fantastic.

We are great for group shots, single shots, couples photos, or small groups. Our assistants will also help pick the best poses and backgrounds for your photo, making it fun and unique with our green screen technology.

why you should hire a photo booth services for your special event

Advantages of Our Company

Every rental comes with two assistants from our company to come to your party and man the booth, leaving all the technical work to us so you can get to enjoying your party or event.

Our services include not only the portable booth that can make the perfect photos, but we also upload each photo to a folder of your choice instantaneously so you can upload to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On top of that, we can print out either 4×6 or 2×6 strips within 7 seconds of taking the picture, so you can get your photo and get back to the party.

So if you’re looking for a good, affordable photobooth for your party or event that has the most amazing services with the best reviews, the best rates, and unique and great service, Inside Out Booth is your best option. Check out our website for more information, and to discuss rates and availability for your event or party!

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