The Best Portable Photo Booth In Paterson, NJ!

The Best Portable Photo Booth In Paterson, NJWhen you’re planning an event, one thing you probably think about is how to immortalize the moment. Whether you want photos to keep as memories or want to show photos off in a company magazine or other periodical, having photos taken at an event is a good way to make sure it is remembered for times to come. However, hiring a professional photographer can get expensive fast, and candid photos can be a bit boring compared to ones that are taken for fun.

That’s where a photo booth can really add a whole new level of fun and excitement to any party. Mostly everyone has a fond memory of going into the booth and making wacky poses and faces with your friends and loved ones, then walking out with that familiar 2×6 strip of photos… Now you can bring that same sense of nostalgia and fun to whatever event you may be hosting!

Why Should We Be Your Top Choice For A Portable Photo Booth?

With most photo booths, you experience the same, cramped booth where you and maybe one other person squeeze in and get your photo taken, which can take a couple minutes to print, only to have a shoddy quality photo with a boring frame. While this still created amazing memories that can last a lifetime, the execution of these small booths was a little less than top quality.

Here at Inside Out Booth, we provide you with an amazing open air booth, that can fit upwards to twenty people at once for a photo! Get the whole family or group together to take amazing photos with our top of the line equipment, dozens of available backgrounds, custom or premade fun frames and effects, and see your photo taken with a screen in front of you to make sure everything’s perfect!

Why Should We Be Your Top Choice For A Portable Photo Booth

Our assistants will be with you at the event the whole time to manage the booth and print photos, making sure everything is going smoothly and helping to instruct people on the best ways to fit in. We know the event is important to you, and that it’s even more important for the host to be doing things other than working the photo booth. So let us take care of that, and you focus on what you need to be doing to ensure the event is an overwhelming success!

So when you are planning your next event, be sure to keep Inside Out Booth in mind! We are committed to bringing you the best in photo booth technology and helping take your event to the next level by offering our premium photo booth services to help your guests immortalize each moment on the spot! We are the number one portable photo booth service in both New Jersey and New York, and are ready and willing to help you with your next event! So contact us today and we can talk about what we can do for you and your next party!

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