Best Photo Booth For Rent In Jersey City, NJ

Best Photo Booth For Rent In Jersey City, NJWhen you want your event to be remembered forever, the main thing you think of is photos. A photo can capture an amazing moment and make a memory that will last a lifetime, but hiring a photographer for your event can get expensive fast, not to mention coordinating photos with one can be hard to do and take time away from other important things you need to be doing to ensure your parties success.

That is why we at Inside Out Booth are pleased to let you know about our state of the art photo booths! Our booths come equipped with the latest in photo technology, and are guaranteed to be the hit of every party! Never worry about hiring an expensive photographer again, and enjoy the convenience of a photo booth at your next event!

Why Are We The Best Photo Booth?

When you’re thinking of a photo booth, chances are you think of a cramped box in an arcade or movie theatre where you insert your money and then get a picture of you and maybe two other people, max. We understand that this can be a problem, especially if you worked hard on your appearance that night and don’t want it to be ruined by shoving into a small booth, or if you want group shots of your family, friends, or coworkers. This is where Inside Out Booth comes in!

Our booth is open air, meaning no more cramped box! Just stand in front of our screen with up to twenty people and strike a pose you can see with our large screen to help you preview your photo before you even take it! Then we will snap a photo, and not even seven seconds later a print will be made to hand out to your guests to keep the memory alive forever! Also, each and every photo will be uploaded to a server for you to view in real time, and share wherever you want! Instantly upload to Facebook and let everyone know what a good time you guys are having, and immortalize the moment on the internet!

Why Are We The Best Photo Booth

Tired of having only 2×6 strips to hang up from photo booths? Want more pizazz added to your photos? Well we offer not only 2×6 strips but 4×6 prints as well! We also offer only the best in custom and pre-made designs and frames to add to your photos, making them unique and fun that you can share with the whole party. Our assistants will help you print them on the scene, taking less than 10 seconds per print, so you can get your photo and get back to enjoying the event without missing a beat!

So next time you’re planning an event for family, friends or the office do yourself a favor and give Inside Out Booth a chance to show you how we are the absolute best photo booth for rent in Jersey City, hands down! Check out our website for more information!


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