How to Begin Birthday Party Planning for Adults

Planning for an adult’s birthday party is not the same as planning a birthday party kids. For one, the location and food might be drastically different, and second, you wouldn’t give away kiddie hats with images of Elsa the Ice Queen among adults. (Unless that’s your thing, no judgment here).

Even though they’re different, the steps to party planning are essentially the same. Our folks at Inside Out Booth want to share with you, to have a smooth-running, fun birthday party for adults, you have to decide how many guests to invite, the location, food and drinks, and the games and activities.

1. How Many Guests to Invite

The first thing to consider in party planning is the number of guests to invite. You need to consider two main factors in determining how many guests to invite: the preference of the celebrant and the budget. If the celebrant is an introvert who likes to keep to themselves, invite only those who he/she has a personal relationship with. Consider the celebrant’s personality. Second, you need to consider the budget. If you’re going to rent out, how big of a place can you rent out? However, if you’re going to hold it at home, how big is the available space?

2. Places to Have a Birthday Party for Adults

As mentioned earlier, you can rent or hold the party at home. There are tons of places to have a birthday party for adults, but you have to consider the cost, if you can get a discount, the number of guests, how accessible it is, its amenities, and other factors.

What Kind of Food for Party Planning.

3. Party Food and Drinks

The third step in party planning is considering the kinds of food and drinks you’ll serve. What type of cuisine would the celebrant prefer? What time are you going to hold the party? This will dictate if you need to serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner food. Do the guests drink alcoholic beverages or not? Ask all types of questions that will help you narrow down your choice of food and drinks. Then when you have decided on this, contact a local caterer to simplify things.


4. Indoor Birthday Party Games for Adults

The Best Party Planning ActivitiesWhat’s a party without games? Plan three to five indoor birthday party games for adults depending on the length of your program and the duration of each game, and secure the props needed for each game. Try to mix up games that will require guests to stand and move around and games that can be done while they’re sitting. This will keep guests entertained while not being overworked.

Aside from games, photo booths can add more fun to the party by giving guests the chance to goof around and capture the moment. Photo booths should come with interesting props and fun backdrops.

Adult birthday party planning is incredibly fun and exciting. You have plenty of choices for location, food and drinks, and indoor birthday party games for adults. Just make sure that you estimate the number of guests according to your budget and how comfortable the celebrant is with crowds. With these things in mind, party planning for an adult can be a breeze.

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