Unique Photo Booth Backdrops for Weddings

Every couple about to tie the knot wants to have a unique set up that will reflect who they are as a couple. Couples who love bicycling will most likely incorporate bikes into their decorations. Those who love the ocean and all its wonders will opt for an underwater theme.

An integral part of any wedding, photo booths should also reflect the theme of the wedding. When hiring a photo booth rental company in NJ like Inside Out Booth, it’s often tempting to just go with the standard photo backdrops with little thought as to how to personalize it. However, getting custom photo backdrops in photo booths for weddings certainly has its perks. Customizing your photo backdrop will make it more fun for guests and you as well.

Unique Ideas for Backdrops for Photo Booths for Weddings

1. Barn Doors

Barn doors are perfect custom photo backdrops if you’ve been dreaming of an outdoorsy, barnyard kind of wedding. Don’t worry about trying to find a barnyard to hold the wedding in. If you can’t wed in a barnyard, bring the barnyard to the wedding!

2. Boat

If your theme is ocean or nautical-related, using an upright boat as your backdrop is a great idea. Complete the look by adding more nautical accents like a boat’s wheel, rope, or even an anchor.

3. Use Greens!

Using green foliage is a nice way of adding a touch of nature and liveliness to photo booths for weddings. You can get a nice wooden board and fill it up with green foliage then add some text and accents into it. You can also use hanging flowers, leaves, and even herbs.

4. Vintage Combi Bus

If you can get your hands on a secondhand vintage Combi bus, it’s a great idea for a backdrop for a vintage wedding. Paint it with the color of your theme and decorate it in vintage-style to your heart’s content. In case you can’t get a vintage bus in time, you can just make a life-size booth backdrop prop out of cardboard. Simply dress it up and make it look like a vintage bus. This will look just as charming!

5. Hanging Frames

You can also hang several beautiful frames, maybe 5 to 7, in an area with a good view and clean surroundings. Add some pop to it by decorating the frames with living, plastic, or paper flowers of different vibrant colors.

Hire a Photo Booth Rental That Accommodates Custom Photo Backdrops

To get high-definition and professional shots, hire a company offering services for photo booths for weddings. A good photo booth rental will let you select your own backdrop to match it with your theme. If you want a backdrop that will reflect your underwater theme, then the photo booth rental company should work with you in achieving that.

Photo booths are a mainstay in weddings, letting guests have fun and capture the moments with each other and the couple. Having a creative photo booth not only allows you to take great pictures, but it also makes your wedding one of the most memorable weddings for your guests. Explore with your photo booth rental company unique ideas for custom photo backdrops and let your personality as a couple shine through.

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