Exceptional “InsideOut Booth” Reinvents Photo Booth NJ

Are you looking for a photo booth rental in NJ for a party or an event?

Then there will have to be no questions asked and pick to hire only the services of the most exceptional, one-off InsideOut Booth.

An InsideOut Booth has the most unique, state-of-the-art photo booth NJ options which you can select from and enjoy to the optimal degree in your events or parties.

We are the leading choice in photo booth NJ rental as well as in the surrounding areas, even New York. At InsideOut Booth, we guarantee only the utmost fun and entertainment for you, your friends and your guests.

We are a full-time professional photo booth NJ rental service, which means that we have a great focus on the craft and business that we choose to do. We are better able to focus on even the smallest details.

Photo Booth NJ by InsideOut Booth: More Than Just a Trend

best camera for your photo boothWhy do we say that photo booth NJ rental services is more than just a recent fad that skyrocketed in recent years? We believe they are more a necessity than just another additional expenditure in whichever event it is that you organizing.

Photo booth NJ is a way of capturing fun and funny poses, and remarkable candid moments in a very convenient manner for you and for everyone in the gathering. At InsideOut Booth, we believe that our job is to take care of the professional photography while you take care of making memories.

You will not have to worry about taking photos on your own while it gets in the way of your having fun. Allow InsideOut Booth to do professional photography on your behalf while you focus on the food, drink, laughter and everything in between that make up a true party.

What One-Off Facilities Does InsideOut Booth Have to Offer in Photo Booth NJ That Sets Us Apart from Competition?


We have four different options, each of which have distinctive identifying style.

Open Air Photo Booth

The open air photo booth is great for large group shots for your large clique of friends. We have over 35 cool backdrops and are currently developing more and more by the minute, for the purpose of bringing you more choices and hence, better service.

Green Screen Booth

Using the newest and the latest technology in green screen, we capture your smiles and laughter as you get to choose the setting behind the fun and enjoyment. Will it be the tropical Bahamas which you wish to display in your photo’s backdrop? Will it be something more futuristic like a Star Trek milieu or something closer to romantic fantasy like the castle in Beauty and the Beast?

Name it and we have got it right here for you and right on the spot too. We can also produce GIF moving images on green screen.

Step and repeat. We can customize your rented booth accordingly depending on the design which you specifically have in mind. Whatever it may be, a logo, a graphic or a specific caption, we will be more than willing to produce for you.

Results of Excellent Quality

Whichever custom booth it is that you decide on renting from InsideOut Booth, we ensure you only the best photo quality both in print, digital and online.

Solid Track Record of Great Work and Professionalism

Photo Booth NJ by InsideOut BoothWe serve our clients and treat your events as though they were our own too, which means there is genuine care toward the outcome that we deliver.

We will have onsite attendants and technicians to ascertain that everything will be in operation as perfectly as what you have in mind. Check out our gallery and see for yourself our outstanding services and the joy and satisfaction in our clients’ faces.

Contact Us Today!

At InsideOut Booth, we offer more than just a variety of photo booth NJ rental options. We offer you our confidence to deliver and exceed your expectations of photo booth NJ rental services and facilities so that you yourself can have confidence in our work and output too.

Are you throwing a birthday bash soon and are in need of renting an image-capturing booth? Get in touch with us now and get a quote free of charge. Call us at (201) 497-0703 or shoot us a message at insideoutbooth@gmail.com.Are you throwing a birthday bash soon and are in need to rent an image-capturing booth? Get in touch with us now and get a quote free of charge. Call us at (201) 497-0703 or shoot us a message at insideoutbooth@gmail.com.

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