Stylish Wedding Decoration Ideas That Are Inexpensive

Weddings are fantastic occasions where families and friends gather for a magical union of two people madly in love with each other. From the wedding ceremony to the reception, you can only imagine the cost of planning and execution of a fairytale celebration. Did you know that you can have a grand wedding without breaking your savings?

You just have to be creative and resourceful with all the details. You can get away with a wedding planner and have genius minds and helping hands with you courtesy of friends and colleagues. Here are unique wedding decoration ideas that are inexpensive yet will create lasting happy memories to everyone.

Stylish Wedding Decoration Ideas That Are Inexpensive

Choose an Exceptional Location

The venue for a wedding plays a crucial role as it makes or breaks the ceremony and the reception. If you dream of an outdoor wedding, you might want to consider a garden wedding that will host both the ceremony and the reception. That way, you can save time, money and decorations.

You’ll never go wrong in picking a fabulous location. For a rustic themed wedding, you can opt for small-town locations than big venues in the city. How about throwing a picnic-themed wedding where you’ll find everyone relax and chill on blankets, pillows, pica-pica, and wine with a cool breeze of the wind kissing their cheeks?

Accessorize Your Wedding Reception with Candles

Aside from having a cheap price tag, candles make a romantic wedding. If you prefer lights to be the center of your wedding decor during the reception, hundreds of tea candles will do the trick. Note that their warm glow instantly adds beauty and charm to a gorgeous sunset or night wedding or reception.

One practical alternative to candles is the use of Christmas lights. This bunch of twinkling lights never goes out of style as a stunning decor. You can hang these lights on the ceilings, around plants or tables and voila you just light up the mood of your wedding guests.

Flaunt Your Engagement Photos

Running out of cheap, artsy ideas for your wedding reception? A display of your beautiful engagement photographs is a great idea. Surely, your guests will love to look at your 80s inspired prenup shoot.

You can have these pictures set in a slideshow presentation while everyone is enjoying a hearty dinner at the wedding reception. You can also consider putting a framed photo of your engagement photo with your husband as a wedding centerpiece on the guests’ tables.

Speaking of photos, instead of hiring a photo booth on your wedding reception, your friend who has photography skills would love to render his services as a wedding gift. Just set-up a photo booth that will be fun for everyone.

Wedding Decoration Ideas That Will Not Hurt Your Pocket

A Black and White Themed Wedding Is Elegant and Cheap

Picking the theme for your wedding takes a lot of time as it will be based on you and your partner’s preference. You also have to consider your budget as there are majestic themes that are extravagant. If you want to save for yourselves and your guests, consider having a classic, elegant theme that will not hurt your bank.

A black and white themed wedding will set the bride and groom apart as you request your guests to come in black. Most of your guests have something black appropriate for the wedding, so they do not need to purchase a new outfit.

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