Top DIY Photography Backdrops 2018

Top DIY Photography Backdrops 2018

Are you wondering how you can create your own photography backdrops at home? Buying a backdrop might be quite expensive, especially if you need more than one. Here are some easy DIY backdrop ideas that will save you money:

Vinyl Transfers

Adhesive vinyl is a great DIY backdrop idea because it comes in a range of textures and colors. Moreover, it is cheap and easy to use. The great thing about using a vinyl transfer as a backdrop is that it is easy to keep clean and quite resilient. This means that you can use a vinyl backdrop for messy photography such as food photography thanks to its ease of cleaning.

Linen and Cloth

Linen is a lovely fabric that you can lay flat or scrunch up if you want the perception of texture. If you visit your local fabric store, you can buy linen by the meter and use it as a backdrop for your photographs. However, the downside to using a long swatch of fabric is that you have to iron it.

If you want to create a beautiful effect, you might have to layer up different types and colors of fabric. Doing so will give your background more depth.

Textured Throw or Blanket

A snuggly blanket will make a great backdrop that is textured. It is ideal if you want to drape or lay it flat to build up your photo texture. The best thing about this backdrop is that you do not have to spend anything on it; you can use what you already own.

Sequin Backdrop

If you want to have a beautiful sequin backdrop for your photography, you can just buy a sequined fabric and use it or buy sequins and stick them on a surface. Although buying sequins seems like a lot of work, you will be able to customize your perfect backdrop, which makes it an ideal choice. However, if you are not too fussy on the details, you can just buy a ready-made sequined fabric.

Colored or Patterned Paper

Like vinyl, you can use paper to make cheap photography backdrops. All you have to do is purchase plain-color backdrops. The only disadvantage of using paper is that it is quite delicate and you have to be careful when using it. Moreover, storing the backdrop paper will be difficult because when you roll paper, it will not lay perfectly flat next time you want to use it.

Recycled Shutters and Doors

The number of good things that you can find in your local recycling center might surprise you. If you want a wooden background, you should get old cupboard fronts and shutters that have a bit of character. If you cannot find anything like this, you should consider using paper and vinyl backdrops to replicate this look.

Faux Fur or Sheepskin

Sheepskin and other kinds of animal fur have been used for the longest time as photography backdrops. Fur will add some interesting depth to your photos and is a great way to layer up atop other backdrops. If you are against animal cruelty, you should consider buying faux fur at your local stores.

Painted Colors and Textures

You can paint a plywood board to create the perfect backdrop for your photos. You should opt for plain-colored paint if you want a consistent theme in all your photos. However, you could combine colors to add depth and texture to your backdrop.

The above DIY backdrops are cheap and they do not require a lot of effort to put together. Ensure that you select the right backdrop for the photography you plan to do.


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