How Inside Out Photo Booth NJ Can Change the Tempo of Any Event!

Photos are memories that can last a lifetime, but face it: hiring a professional photographer can be expensive and hard to do on short notice. It’s a hassle, all the work that goes into choosing a photographer, comparing prices, hiring them, and coordinating packages and people to be there to cover your event.

It takes lots of time out of your party process. And then there’s so much follow-up work: paying extra for prints of the photos to distribute, mailing them to the people who went…all of that is a huge hassle and a waste of your time and money.

Nowadays people look for a “wow” at every party. Bring the wow to your event with a state-of-the-art photo booth that will keep your guests happy and entertained, and will leave them with a one-of-a-kind memory to last for ages. Our photo booths are the best in New Jersey and New York, and we’ll bring our portable, open-air photo booths to any event you can dream up.

Why Choose Inside Out Photo Booth

Why Choose Inside Out Photo Booth?

When you think of a photo booth, you think of a tiny, cramped box with a curtain that delivers grainy photos in three minutes for several dollars. Some photo booths have advanced slightly since their debut, but we have taken it one step further.

Our photo booths are open-air, meaning that as long as you fit in front of the screen, you can have anywhere from one to twenty people in the shot, making group photos fun and exciting.

The backgrounds we use are expansive and fun, and we are guarantee that we’ll have whatever background you need to make your photos pop and look great.

We also have a wide variety of frames and effects for your photos, and with advanced notice, we can even tailor a custom frame for your special event! This will help people identify the time and place of the photo for years to come.

Tired of waiting months to see the photos? Our photos are printed out on the spot in just ten seconds! No more waiting a long time to get your photos, or waiting months to see them after editing is done. We will get you your photos done on the spot, and quickly.

Worried about having someone watch the booth during your event? We have that covered, too! Our attendants travel with the booths, making sure everything works smoothly and helping to capture the best photos possible. That way, you can spend more time focusing on enjoying the event you oh-so-carefully planned and executed.

How You Can Hire the Best Photo Booth NJ 

How You Can Hire the Best Photo Booth NJ

So for your next event, be sure to consider Inside Out Photo Booth! We have locations all around New Jersey and New York to make sure our amazing photo booths make it to your next event. Focus more on your event and your guests instead of worrying about the photos being taken, because we’ve got that taken care of. Be sure to check out our website for more information!

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