Cheap Photo Booth Rental NJ NYC

Looking for a cheap photo booth rental in NJ or NYC?


We’ll let’s first define what “cheap” is. If you simply only care about the bottom line price, than you will be certainly using a poor quality photo booth company and your going to get poor quality results. You will get an underpaid worker (teenager?) attending the beat up, arcade style photo booth that spits out blurry pictures on little strips…and only 2 copies are allowed! While the attendant is not browsing their phone on Facebook or Instagram they may look up and tell the guests to not be too rowdy or to be patient as the outdated printer works on the low resolution strips.

cheap photo booth

Please don’t bring this eye sore to your party – your guests

This is the world of the “cheapo” booth. You will find these on groupon and living social and many DJ’s will try to throw them into their package offering. They had their time (the 90’s, and 00’s) and they can be decent if you want the nostalgic effect of being in a mall with your first girl or boyfriend. So you were successful at saving money, the whole booth cost $400 for 3 hours, what a steal! But were you really successful at making your party a huge hit, something people will remember and talk about for years?

Just like any industry – you get what you pay for. You will pay more for a high end booth like us, Inside Out Booth. But with the extra cost comes a TON more features and quality. We’re going to use a 24mp DSLR camera…that’s HIGH quality, it it matters. The photo’s look amazing, and when you download them online from your FREE online gallery we make from you – you can zoom in and blow them up huge because the resolution is so high. You will get 2 professional attendants – who know photography and know how to get your guests into the mood. These attendants take pride in suggesting poses to the guests, helping the guests download their pics instantly to their phone, and printing extra copies for anyone who wants them! The prints will be big 4×6 copies, and they are unlimited. 15 people jump in the booth to break the photo booth world record? No problem, all 15 will get a copy! Our world class printer shoots out a print every 6 seconds – not bad right? We bring tons of props to every event, we never charge for that. The list goes on and on for the quality and extra you get with our photo booth, but it’s safe to say no other booth in NJ or NYC comes close to what we offer. We may even say our price is truly CHEAP compared to the only competitors we have who offer a similar open air booth like us.