6 Incredible Photo Booth Ideas To Rock A Party

6 Incredible Photo Booth Ideas To Rock A Party

While there are plenty of ways to hype up a party and bring a smile to everyone’s face, none of them hit
the heights that photo booths do. It is widely accepted that Photo Booths are a necessity to any party
but they are so common place that most parties tend to have generic photo booths that are frankly
boring. If you are hosting a party and looking for photo booth ideas, here are six unique ideas that are
guaranteed to spice up your party.

A Gold Sequin Background
This photo booth idea can easily be done on your own and makes a great option for any type of party;
be it birthday parties or engagement parties. As the name implies, it involves a backdrop of gold and
shiny sequins. To do this, get a big foam board and cover it with sixty millimeter sequins to make a
sparkling backdrop that is sure to stun all the visitors. For a twist, consider including video glasses such
as a recording pen to take candid photos of the guest.

Hole In The Chalkboard
This is a unique take on the photo booth concept. It involves a chalk board with a hole just big enough to
set a person’s face through it. On the chalk board, there are a number of quirky and interesting designs
that add to the booth.

Jail House
Almost needless to explain, this photo booth idea involves a photo booth that is themed as a prison cell
complete with the bars. For added effect, consider getting bars that are slightly bent out so the party
visitors can pretend they are breaking out of a cell!

Circle Backdrop
This is again a DIY project that makes for a stunning scene. Although quite easy to make, they tend to
deliver a remarkable and expensive look and appeal. To make it, you need to cut out long stripes of
preferably colorful paper and paste the two ends in order to make a circle. These circles can then be
pasted on to the wall of the photo booth or strung with the rest using thread. Go crazy with the color
and the positioning to create a lavish and unique look.

Backdrop Of A Superhero
This is an idea that is sure to bring about roars of laughter. It involves a background which has a
superhero striking a pose, usually a flying pose complete with the images of buildings and so on.
Different boards have different designs, but whichever you choose, they are all bound to be a hit.
Background Of Wooden Pallets
This is one of the simplest photo booth designs on this list, but it is still as eye catching as the rest of the
ideas above. It is easy to get your hands on wooden pallets and they can give a rustic look, making it an
ideal option for garden parties and other related events. They also give you space to come up with your
own design on the pallets, allowing you to give your own unique touch!

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