Headshot Photo Booth

all about inside out photo booths

Inside Out rents photo booths in Jersey City, NJ and has worked or partnered with every venue in the town. We’ve been doing high-end photo booths and photo experiences for 10 years and have done over 6,000 events total. To say we’ve done every type of event and seen every situation would be an understatement. Our main goals are to always take awesome photos, make guests smile and laugh and make YOU the client be the rockstar for hiring us. We’re the most reviewed and rated company in the space as well so you can trust you’re in good hands! See our reviews here or any platform online 🙂

What separates us from the competition?

Not only are we the most experienced and the most flexible when it comes to tailoring everything for you, but we also have some perks that other’s just can’t rival. We do this full time, so call us anytime and we’re going to answer and chat with you. This isn’t a side hustle or a part time gig or an add-on service from a DJ. We buy new booths almost every quarter and we update and experiment with new software every week in our office. We use high-end DSLR cameras and studio quality lighting to ensure your pics come out great. Our team is all trained to adjust everything on the fly and handle all camera settings, printer issues, wifi fixes etc.

Call (or TEXT) us today 201-497-0703 or press the quote button and we’ll discuss your amazing event!