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See our products below. Everything you see can be combined, mixed and customized.

"The Ringer"


A truly engaging experience as an attendant moves around your event and interacts with guests. No space required or power required. Customize the interactive screen, theme/brand the pics and of course the Boomerang GIFs. Guests love the “Snapchat” AR props (think flower crowns and dog faces) and filters.  The Ringer lends itself perfectly for instantly sharing on social media and SMS throughout the event.

"Studio Booth"


A mobile photo studio! 24mp DSLR camera, professional photographer and studio strobe lighting. Oh yes we did. This booth is High Res and takes incredible shots of all your moments. The “open concept” lends itself to huge group shots and any type of pose. GIFs, Boomerangs, interactive screen all possible. Can be paired with tons of backdrop choices, social media and instant prints on the spot.

"Selfie Station"


Simply set this booth up at any event watch it magnetically draw a crowd. Selfie stations are available from 2 hours to a whole month! They’re an interactive way for your guests to engage at your party and share their moments. Tons of unique filters, engaging touchscreens and dead simple to use make these a hit for any age. Have your guests share their pics with preset #hashtags and boost your event!

"Mirror Mirror"


A unique take on the traditional booth. This full size Mirror booth looks stunning and you will be too as you pose in front of it! A beautiful reflection shows everyone in the frame as they pose but it also has a built in digital touchscreen. It overlays animations, design elements, emojis and more. Sign/draw on the pics with your finger as well.  DSLR camera quality, attendant assisting and it can print instantly!

"Insta Printa"


Have a professional photographer cover your event and all the pics taken can be instantly sent to a sharing station in the venue.  Guest can view them and instantly share. The pics can be overlaid with any design and than instantly printed for all to keep. #HASHTAG PRINTER: You can also have guests use their own phones and anytime they use a designated hashtag our machine will automatically print it. #Magic

"Event Photography"


A member of our team will cover any event and capture every moment with our 25 years combined photography experience. Capture every angle and guest in the absolute best lighting, framing and quality. Tell us a specific feel you are looking for and we’ll work to match it. You get an online gallery of all shots after the event with retouching included. Free downloads for all guests as well and ability to buy prints.



We provide everything needed for high-end, stunning headshots. The lighting, camera equipment and proof screen create a mobile studio. Your guests/employees can comfortable take as many shots as they want to get the perfect look, they can control it all. No stress and less awkward than the pressure of a traditional shoot. Digital copies and prints available instantly.

"Green Screen"

green screen photo booth nj ny inside out booth

Want to transport your guests to Jurassic park? OK, how about to the Alps for a ski trip? With the Green Screen photo booth anything is possible. We’re happy to get as creative as you want and guests can even select from multiple images before they start their session and see themselves in real-time. The quality on these GS booths has gotten amazing in recent years! The possibilities are endless here…

"Glam Booth"


Beauty filter auto applied to faces…check. Black and White photos with an all white backdrop…check. Welcome to the “Kardashian” booth. The Glam booth produces timeless photos, and you’ll look stunning in every shot. Look like the celebrity you know you and your guests are and watch your pics rack up the likes on social 🔥 😄  💯    

"360 Booth"


Think outside the box with this eye catching experience. More and more events have been using this style booth and you can’t help but throw a like on these GIFs when you see them on Instagram. The booth has a platform and the camera spins around as you and your guests dance and pose. The 360 GIF is unlike anything else and flat out looks awesome. Take a spin at your next event!

"COOKIE Prints!"


100% food safe edible ink and our incredible printers take your pics from your event and instantly print them on delicious cookies! How cool is that? You can pre-order cookies as well if you wanted or do it all live on the spot. The whole process is safe, clean, quick and so dang tasty. MMmmm – Cookies can be different flavors, gluten free, vegan… just ask.

"Retail/Long Term Lease"

long term photo booth branded permanent install nj ny inside out

Great for bar/restaurants adding entertainment to their establishment while gaining social exposure and awareness. Grand openings for stores, long term festivals etc. All booths are branded, safely installed in any areas, maintained and capture all data for you. Push your message as people share your brand and your hashtags. Capture guests info and the overall sharing metrics.

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"Custom Props"


"Social Media Kiosk"

"Red Carpet/Stanchion"

"Slideshow Anywhere"