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ALL Packages come with – 3 poses per package: 1 diploma shot with President, 1 solo pose as you leave stage, 1 mini session of posing in front of backdrop with friends and family during dinner

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Partners with Eastwick since 2016. We love capturing this important milestone in your life. Save a photo and remember this night and what it means for your future 🙂

Eastwick Graduation May 2023 at the Venetian.


Congratulations 2023 graduates! On your graduation night celebration we (IO Photography) will be on-site to capture the moments and memories. We will shoot photo’s of every student as they walk on stage and while they pose with Tom Eastwick. We will capture a pose as you exit the stage against a neutral backdrop, full body pose. We will then have a mini studio in the LOBBY for anyone to use and get photos with friends and family. There is often a line, so anyone who prepays and buys a package now gets priority access. We are only there until 930pm. As you can see above purchasing a package now will save you money as after the graduation when we upload all photos the pictures and prints will be sold individually. Package A (now $97) typically comes out to $197 individually (roughly double if you reserve everything upfront). Please don’t hesitate to email or call us with any questions! See you all soon!


– Karen

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