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ALL Packages come with – 3 poses per package: 1 diploma shot with President, 1 solo pose as you leave stage, 1 mini session of posing in front of backdrop with friends and family during dinner

Directly mailed to you will be TWO 8x10s and SIX 4x6s. Lightly edited, color corrected, and looking amazing on high gloss professional print paper.

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Partners with Eastwick since 2016. We love capturing this important milestone in your life. Save a photo and remember this night and what it means for your future 🙂

Eastwick Graduation May 2023 at the Venetian.


Congratulations Spring 2024 graduates! On your graduation night celebration we (IO Photography) will be on-site to capture the moments and memories. We will shoot photo’s of every student as they walk on stage and while they pose with Tom Eastwick. We will capture a pose as you exit the stage against a neutral backdrop, full body pose. We will then have a mini studio in the LOBBY for anyone to use and get photos with friends and family. There is often a line, so anyone who prepays and buys a package now gets priority access. We are only there until 945pm. As you can see above purchasing a package now will save you money as after the graduation when we upload all photos the pictures and prints will be sold individually. Right now it’s $157 (you get TWO 8x10s and SIX 4x6s, all lightly edited, printed on high quality full gloss photo paper).  See you all soon!


– Adriana

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