• How exactly does the booth work?

    You walk up to the booth and assess how you will make yourself look as funny as possible as you survey our props table. Our attendants may make some suggestions and you hop in front of the backdrop. You proceed to take 4 different pics, with time in between each if you need an outfit (or personnel) change. Our studio lights make you look great, and our camera captures the moment in super high resolution. The booth prints out the ultra high quality 4×6 and you’re on your way. Don’t forget to log online and check out the whole events gallery.

  • How much space do you need and what requirements?

    We need 8ft length x 8ft width x 7ft height. This is pretty easily accomplished in almost any venue’s corner or lobby. We’ve even squeezed in a few tighter spots before when we’ve had to!

    We need a standard 3-prong 120V AC power outlet. Photo booth area needs to be within 30ft of the wall outlet.

  • How much does the photo booth cost? Promotions?

    Our prices vary depending on the location, time and than the options you’d like. We don’t want to throw out a price until we explain to you the backdrop options, print packages, and anything custom you may interested in.

    You may see a better price SOMEWHERE online, but ask them if they offer all the things we do. Look around our site, see our quality, and call us to talk. We’ll MATCH anyone who has the same specs and features as our booth.

    We are also flexible so don’t hesitate to call us and ask about any promotions going on.

  • Are you insured?

    Yes, we are fully insured. Upon request we can supply proof of certificate of insurance to you or the venue.

  • What type of props do you bring?

    Every booth we do comes with our starter prop kit. This has hats, wigs, mustaches, stick props, sunglasses, chalk board, boas, and other common photo booth props.

    We offer a custom prop kit as well upon request. We’ll tailor the props for your event…wedding specific, theme specific, holiday or custom signs. Ask us!

  • How early do you arrive to set-up?

    We arrive approximately 60 minutes before you’d like us to start. If you require us to set-up earlier, we can. Simply ask us and we charge an “idle” hour rate ($75/hr).

  • How early should I book your Photo Booth?

    Typically, most clients book a few (3-6) months in advance. Some clients have booked in as little as a few days, it all depends on availability. Please keep in mind that weekends during spring, summer, and fall are the busiest and fill up fast!

  • Why don’t I book with my DJ or with a Groupon? Why is InsideOutBooth better?

    Photo booths are such a hot trend nowadays that the market is becoming flooded with people who want ‘in’ on it. While many of them likely have good intentions, the truth is their booths just aren’t high quality. Your DJ or Photographer see it as nice add-on (they buy the popular booth online) but don’t realize the quality is sub-par. These don’t have the latest software like us, they don’t have the latest DSLR cameras and certainly don’t have the super fast dye sublimation printers like us. Our booths are custom designed and with that comes a unique knowledge of how they work. We design them (and update them) to best help guests have a blast. We’re also always open to customize anything for you.

    Ask your DJ, Wedding Photographer or Groupon booth if they include props for free, online galleries of every image for free, 2 attendants at every event, print outs in 8 seconds, and FREE design on your prints. Chances are they don’t!

    This is all we do. Photo booths aren’t an “add-on” to our business, they ARE our business. Call us to chat and we’ll explain even more why we’re a premium booth service.

  • Do you require a deposit?

    We require 20% down as a deposit. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the event, unless we agree on a “day of” payment. We accept every major credit card (even at the event) and deposits and balances can be paid online.

  • This sounds like EVERYTHING we’ve been looking for. How do I book?

    Contact us here, and fill out your info. We’ll get back to you within hours with a quote. You can also call us anytime, 201-497-0703, and tell us all the details.

    The next steps are a super easy online contract and deposit. It takes less than 2 minutes.