Photo Booth at Seasons!

Seasons Catering is one of the top venues in North Jersey and we’ve been fortunate enough to do some amazing events there. We love doing photo booths at high end venues like this and other top ones such as The Venetian in Garfield NJ, The Rockleigh, Florentine Gardens, The View in Piermont, Tides to name a few. These place have come to trust us, which is a great honor for us. We set-up early and take great care in making our open layout look as classy as the venue itself. We really look great with every detail accounted for (wires hidden, props laid out perfectly, scrap book placed just right).

We just did an awesome booth at Season’s, a Bar Mitzvah appropriately themed as “Rock Mitzvah”! Every table was was decorated with Rock and Roll legends and the DJ had everyone dancing. Our booth was a huge hit and the guest rocked out with wigs, chalk boards, signs and of course rockstar guitars. We had custom themed print template so after everyone’s pictures they printed out like this:

mitzvah photo booth
photo booth rock and roll props


Cheap Photo Booth Rental NJ NYC

Looking for a cheap photo booth rental in NJ or NYC?


We’ll let’s first define what “cheap” is. If you simply only care about the bottom line price, than you will be certainly using a poor quality photo booth company and your going to get poor quality results. You will get an underpaid worker (teenager?) attending the beat up, arcade style photo booth that spits out blurry pictures on little strips…and only 2 copies are allowed! While the attendant is not browsing their phone on Facebook or Instagram they may look up and tell the guests to not be too rowdy or to be patient as the outdated printer works on the low resolution strips.

cheap photo booth

Please don’t bring this eye sore to your party – your guests

This is the world of the “cheapo” booth. You will find these on groupon and living social and many DJ’s will try to throw them into their package offering. They had their time (the 90’s, and 00’s) and they can be decent if you want the nostalgic effect of being in a mall with your first girl or boyfriend. So you were successful at saving money, the whole booth cost $400 for 3 hours, what a steal! But were you really successful at making your party a huge hit, something people will remember and talk about for years?

Just like any industry – you get what you pay for. You will pay more for a high end booth like us, Inside Out Booth. But with the extra cost comes a TON more features and quality. We’re going to use a 24mp DSLR camera…that’s HIGH quality, it it matters. The photo’s look amazing, and when you download them online from your FREE online gallery we make from you – you can zoom in and blow them up huge because the resolution is so high. You will get 2 professional attendants – who know photography and know how to get your guests into the mood. These attendants take pride in suggesting poses to the guests, helping the guests download their pics instantly to their phone, and printing extra copies for anyone who wants them! The prints will be big 4×6 copies, and they are unlimited. 15 people jump in the booth to break the photo booth world record? No problem, all 15 will get a copy! Our world class printer shoots out a print every 6 seconds – not bad right? We bring tons of props to every event, we never charge for that. The list goes on and on for the quality and extra you get with our photo booth, but it’s safe to say no other booth in NJ or NYC comes close to what we offer. We may even say our price is truly CHEAP compared to the only competitors we have who offer a similar open air booth like us.



Photo Booth at Liberty House in Jersey City

There is nothing like working an event at the beautiful Liberty House in Jersey City, Nj. We had the pleasure of working a fabulous wedding there this past Saturday. We got to show off our brand new silver glitter backdrop to the Bride and Groom and their guests. Liberty House is one of our favorite venues to work. We can’t wait to be back!

Wedding Silver Backdrop

The Bride and Groom absolutely loved their scrapbook

.Wedding Scrapbook for Photo Booth


Step and Repeat Photo Booth in Spring Lake, NJ

What a beautiful Wedding Inside Out Booth just worked this weekend. The venue was The Mill at Spring Lake Heights. The couple was Matt and Kalynn and they were a delight to meet and hang out with. They quickly got acquainted with the booth and had silly pictures left and right. Some brides and some grooms opt to be serious in their pictures, but these guys we’re more about wacky fun. We had some special props for the guests, college pennants! Depending on where the guests went to school, they grabbed their pennant and represented their school. Just as often they would grab their competitor schools flag and raise an angry thumbs down with it in the pics.
photo booth step and repeat nj

This booth opted for a custom backdrop, a step & repeat as some would call it. It was a chalkboard grey backdrop with the couple’s name arching above on top as a logo with some decorative flourishes. We set the camera up to keep this decal on top the whole time and yet also capture the guests. It worked out great, we love doing custom ideas and designs!

The photo booth was a huge hit, packed all night and we provided tons of fun for every family member and friend at the Wedding. We loved meeting everyone and wish them all the best. Thanks Matt and Kalynn, congrats again!


Amazing Photo Booth at The Foundry NYC

Inside Out Booth just did a Wedding Photo Booth for Dara and Erik at the Foundry in Long Island City, NYC. What a gorgeous venue! Beautiful architecture, amazing decor and of course awesome guests! Credit to josé rolón events for organizing everything, really outstanding work. Our pure white shadow-less backdrop was classy and fit the setting perfectly. The open layout was commented on by numerous guests, who loved that they could see everything going on and also fit tons of friends in family in every shot. We can’t imagine a traditional booth at the Foundry, it just wouldn’t look right!

See the whole gallery here:

To make this wedding photo booth even better….they were hockey fans! That makes Inside Out Booth very happy — although we prefer the NJ Devils!

Hockey Photo Booth


Frame this one!

We now offer tons of frames for your upcoming photo booths. Our most popular option is to print big, full sized 4×6 images and now we have matching size frames for them. Curved acrylic frames that stand on their own, black or brown decorative hard plastic frames, and glass enclosed traditional frames. We also have card-stock paper matte “holders”. These are great for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet 16s as we have all types of colorful and silly frames (“BFF”, “Most Wanted”, “YOLO”, sports themes etc). Finally we have classic black and white matte holders to add a classy protector for any type of event. Ask us about them today, prices are very reasonable!

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Custom Designed Templates

Inside Out Booth always designs a unique print for your photo booth event. Having an all pink themed wedding, we’ll you surely need a pink themed photo booth print out! We’ll work with you to adjust colors to match any type of party, your theme, your invitations or anything else relevant. We’ll match the fonts and add any logos too.

Some recent Bar Mitvzvahs we did:

– Basketball themed

– New York Yankees

– New York Mets

– Video Game theme (with angry birds, Flappy Bird and Super Mario Bro’s)

Some Recent Weddings we did:

– Backyard rustic theme

– Damask pattern

– Gatsby theme

Some Recent Corporate Events we did:

– Klondike Ice Cream prints

– Casio

– Sport Authority theme

–  RNN company party

vegas theme photo booth

vegas theme photo booth


Contact us to find out how we can help design a print and booth SPECIFICALLY for you!


Go nuts!

What other booth can fit 17 people in it! With Inside Out Booth our Open Layout Photo Booth’s can hold huge groups of people. You can jump around, piggy back on your friend, put your grandpa on your shoulders – basically GO NUTS! The open concept makes all this possible and the other great benefit is other guests can watch the fun and laugh. This creates more interaction and ultimately more interest in the photo booth. We get more pictures than any other booth — we’ve never once had a party or event where the booth didn’t have a line!


Grab some signs, throw on a hat and mustache perhaps and get friends – lots of them!

Open Air Photo Booth

Open Air Photo Booth


Wedding Photo Booth at Locust Grove

The beautiful couple Melissa and Dan had an amazing wedding in Poughkeepsie NY at the venue, Locust Grove. The venue had a rustic “barn” feel yet the modern amenities of today’s weddings. Inside Out Booth set-up up in a museum like room right outside the main reception. Plenty of room for us to lay out tons of props and build up a line of people eager to take their shots. Line up they did! We were packed all night and people we’re laughing and smiling the whole time. The open booth was a monster hit as Grandma’s and Grandpa’s grabbed mustaches and wigs to make epic family pictures. The pure white backdrop again proved to look great and let the ridiculous booth pictures to “pop” on their own – no distractions here besides that cousin photo bombing! We hope to be back in Dutchess county NY again soon to photo booth another party!

white backdrop photo booth

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